“how to” setup your email

~From the email link, a webpage

opens that looks like this.  Type

in your email address (will be the name provided and “”) and the provided default password (the one emailed to whatever your other email account is).  Click Login.

~Once you click Login, you will come to this screen (at least initially).  Choose any of the three email interfaces (you can check them all out to see which one you like best--I prefer SquirrelMail).

~On bottom left click the icon for “Change Password.”

~To “Change Password” simply type in a New Password, and type in the EXACT Password again in second line.

Notice the Strength as you type.  It is best to use a combination of Upper & Lower Case Letters, Numbers, and Characters, i.e.

            D@LL@$cowboys75           *sorry Josh if I stole yours ;-)

Click “Change Password” and it will take you back

to the ‘Logged In’ screen to choose an email interface.

That is all you HAVE to do for your account.  If you want your email to just launch with the same interface program every time, simply click on the [Enable Autoload] under your preferred interface.  Note that SquirrelMail is shown in red and reads [Disable Autoload]:  This is because I already have mine set to Autoload Squirrel.  When you [Enable Autoload], you will get the following pop-up window. I recommend leaving it at 5 seconds to allow you to just enough time to click on the Change Password or other options in the future.

Notes about your email account


If you forget your password or otherwise lock yourself out of your account, send an email to so I can assist.


I recommend not using it for online ordering or for any other transaction that will open it up for spamming.  There are some measures I can take to alleviate that pain, but just keep it in mind.


Enjoy your unique account, but remember there’s only so much disk space allotted--at some point I will need to cap the total size of the mailboxes.  Do your part, if you no longer need the email--TRASH IT!

        Problems or Questions?

TA-DA!   You’re ready to send and receive email to your account!

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