I Want to be Cool With My Very Own
@hutto.eu email Account

All I really need to know is what Hutto Clan you’re from and what you want for the first name.

Keep it ‘civil’ and you can have whatever you want....

your first name

a nickname

firstname.lastname  (if you’re a Hutto descendant but don’t share the last name ~like all my cousins)

or a combination thereof.

a few more notes

So, you’re ready to join the masses (ok, maybe just a handful) and grab your very own @hutto.eu email account. 

Easy enough, just click the “email me” link and send me a quick note. 

Send me an email and then once I create the account, I will send you a default password so you can change it to whatever you want when you first log in.

You can learn how to set up the email by clicking here.

Email Me Made on a Mac